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CCI- Competitive Corporate Intelligence AG is a unique company founded to provide the best available services in the field of "Competitive Intelligence" (CI) to the corporate sector. CI employs proven methods and technology developed and successfully applied by governments’ intelligence organizations. These methods have been modified and adapted into commercial implementations with an emphasis on legal and ethical intelligence gathering without employing immoral techniques of information collection. CI deals with the collection and analysis of relevant industrial information and not with industrial espionage. Our company draws on the unparalleled experience of its leading and highly experienced intelligence experts that have previously served in organizations such as the American FBI, Israeli Mossad, Israel National Police and Internal Security Organizations as well as in senior Intelligence positions in other countries.

Our clients

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is an important managerial tool to bridge the gap between your vision as a CEO and the reality in the business arena. It helps you leverage the company's knowledge in order to achieve significant advantage and to reach your business goals, as well as decipher early signs of business opportunities or crisis.